Sheep Rosh Quetta Recipe

Sheep Rosh Quetta Recipe

Rosh or Namkeen Gosht is a customary recipe of Balochistan and Peshawar. It is made with sheep meat generally however here we will make it with lamb. Roosh is a lamb dish and one of the most loved food of Pashtun/Pathan of the locale. It is joint of sheep or goat presented with lassi (yogurt drink) daal and french fries. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory of Pakistan rosh is called namkeen gosht and furthermore in the abutting locales like Afghanistan, the ancestral belt and focal Asia where dished like our namkeen gosht or sheep rosh are as yet delighted in today.Namkeen gosht is the wrod gotten from Urdu language which implies pungent meat. In spite of the fact that lamb rosh have such countless various names in various regions yet at the same time the dish appreciated by each pakistani in each space. Likewise despite the fact that sheep rosh or sheep rosh is the brand name dish of two of our regions yet every city, town and town has its own extraordinary approach to assembling it.

The sheep or sheep rosh recipe gives alleviation during winter season from cold. The lamb rosh Quetta recipe is gentle in flavors and a decent wellspring of creature protein and fats. In our family we used to drink the sauce (shorba) of the rosh during winter. An astonishing meat recipe that is cherished by individuals all around the Pakistan. It falls in the class of namkeen gosht and tastes uncommonly well. Sheep rosh or lamb namkeen gosht can be a piece of your Eid ul Adha menu and you can serve it as a fundamental dish in your supper.
Bakray ka gosht (Sheep) 2 Kg or as required cut into huge pieces
Charbi (fat of meat) 150 grams
Namak (Salt) 2 teaspoon
Dar cheeni 3 pieces
Sabit Kali mirch (Dark pepper corns) 10-15
Tamatar (Tomato) 2 we really want to utilize these without cutting
Piyaz (Onion) 1 enormous strip it yet don’t cut it
Adrak (Ginger) 1 Inch piece stripped
Hari Mirchain (Green Chillies) 2-3
Wash the meat and afterward rub salt over it. The purpose for scouring the salt is that it will assist the meat with delivering its water.
Eliminate the excess of meat (charbi) in little pieces and spot in the lower part of a major skillet in which you will cook the rosh.
Place the meat as a layer over the fat layer.
Add tomato and onion in the meat, put dar chini, adrak and sabit kali mirch too. We will eliminate adrak (ginger) subsequent to cooking so don’t cut it in little pieces.
Cover the dish and spot some significant burden over it so that steam shouldn’t go out. Allow the meat to cook in its own water and fat for 2 hours. Actually take a look at it following 60 minutes. The fire ought to be low. We really want to cook the meat until it is totally delicate. It can take around 2 to 2;30 hours.
After the meat is totally cooked add green chilies (Sabut hari mirchain) and cover the skillet once more. Steam cook for an additional 10 minutes with the goal that smell of green chilies added in the rosh.
Scrumptious Quetta rosh is prepared to serve alongside naan.
You can add water as required assuming that you need more sauce or on the other hand assuming you feel that meat is getting dry before it is cooked totally.
This is the first recipe of Quetta Rosh. I involved around 5 kg meat in cooking however I gave recipe of less meat so don’t get mistaken for the pics on the off chance that you feel that amount of meat is unique, composed recipe.
The main distinction among Peshawar and Balochi rosh is of Potato. Assuming you add not many potatoes in the meat it will become Peshawari Rosh recipe.
Change the amount of salt according to your necessity yet don’t add chilies in it as this recipe don’t have stew flavor in it.

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